The advantages of your industry ´s pension scheme

The itRente is the most comprehensive company pension program for the IT- and communications industry. This pension  scheme meets all requirements that employees should expect from contemporary pension management. It includes an especially attractive industry discount, a built-in employer contribution, security regarding the pension partners, high-yield product concepts and maximum flexibility.

Your retirement plan will leave you no peace - until it s sorted

Every day, by just looking at the media, you can tell how disappointing the future benefits of the state provided pension will be. The pensions are low and will continue to decrease whilst their financing is not secured. Experts expect that the average earner* will have a pension at social welfare levels as early as 2022**. The number of recipients of the base pension has risen by 92%**, to 844.000, in the last eight years alone.

* Average gross income 2016 in Germany: € 3.022,- per month, Source: gesetzl. Rentenvers.
** Source: Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband 2008
*** State in 2011, Source Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband 2013


An intelligent pension program for an intelligent industry

You perform demanding work. As a result you can certainly expect high standards for your corporate pension plan. The itRente is the voluntary supplementary pension for all employees in your industry that are subject to social security payments. This pension will enable you to compensate for the low and declining benefits of the state provided pension. 

  • High government grants 
  • + built-in employer grants 
  • And that is how it pays off 
  • Discount and Return


Well designed systems don't fail

The itRente has managed to partner up with the Bavarian Insurance, HDI and SwissLife, three first-class, heavy-weights of the German insurance market.

Our partners were selected according to market relevance, competence in the respective core area and their willingness to grant an attractive industry discount.

Of course, all corporate groups have an A-rating and numerous reference customers across all industries and offer secure product Concepts. 


Grants also for insurance against occupational disability (OD)

The number of cases of occupational disability as a result of illness has been on the rise in Germany, with mental disorders being among the leading causes. The itRente, due to its funding mechanism, can help you insure yourself against occupational disability for costs of up to 40% less than if you were to purchase it as a private individual.




Cashback - Turbocharge your retirement plan

With the help of your itRente number you can make online purchases at well-known retailers in almost all industries. In addition to this you can have a free of charge Visa credit card. As an attractive alternative to current point systems (Payback card, Deutschland card, Lufthansa-milesandmore-card and various individual business promotional cards), you will receive a share of the purchase price for each of these purchases as a cashback, credited to your personal retirement savings account.



Ethic, ecologic sustained investment

This prophecy of the Cree Indians became known during the 80th after the German green Party entered the German house of representatives. Since the world population has increased from 4,7 to 7,6 Billion. And as well the number of especially younger people has increased who feel that the subject of ethic and ecologic sustained investment of their capital Investment is important for them. May be you are one of them and the subject is of interst for you?

* Source DSW, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung

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The code of successful asset growth is in your hands

Now it is up to you to secure the grants that will enable you to continue your usual standard of living even after your retirement or even allow you to retire early, before the age of 67, whilst only paying manageable own saving contributions. 

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