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Every day, by just looking at the media, you can tell how disappointing the future benefits of the state provided pension will be. The pensions are low and will continue to decrease whilst their financing is not secured. Experts expect that the average earner* will have a pension at social welfare levels as early as 2022**. The number of recipients of the base pension has risen by 92%**, to 844.000, in the last eight years alone.

* Average gross income 2016 in Germany: € 3.022,- per month, Source: gesetzl. Rentenvers.
** Source: Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband 2008
*** State in 2011, Source Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband 2013

State provided pension services in Germany

The state provided pension is a pure pay-as-you-go system, meaning it can be taken out only what has been put in. And that is the reason for the problems that have arisen during the last 20 years:

Less depositors

  • Less children, ie. a shrinking population
  • Longer training periods, i.e. people start work later
  • More freelancers/self-employed that do not contribute to the state provided Pension system
  • Earlier retirement

More recipients over longer periods of time

  • More elderly people who need to be supported (demographic development)
  • Increasing life expectancy (medical progress)

As an employee who has to pay social insurance you are a compulsory member of the solidarity association of pension payers. You and your employer collectively transfer 18,7% of your gross monthly salary to the state provided pension plan. How much is that for you? Wouldn´t  it be nice to finally be able to check off the topic of old-age pension? Wouldn´t it be nice to take note of the ever-new media reports with peace of mind, knowing that: for me it is all sorted? Because there are intelligent ways to do this - and we are glad to show them to you. Start now, it won’t get any better.

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