Well designed systems don't fail

The itRente has managed to partner up with the Bavarian Insurance, HDI and SwissLife, three first-class, heavy-weights of the German insurance market.

Our partners were selected according to market relevance, competence in the respective core area and their willingness to grant an attractive industry discount.

Of course, all corporate groups have an A-rating and numerous reference customers across all industries and offer secure product Concepts. 

Secure product concepts

Behind the scenes the itRente uses investment concepts of the latest generation which, due to industry discounts, have an exceptionally high maturity. They combine the safety of traditional pension plans with the return opportunities of the capital markets. As a result, one can choose between different investment alternatives, all of which have one thing in common: the capital invested can by no means be lost. 

All investment concepts that have been investigated by a neutral auditing institute, have regularly received very positive ratings. The consultants of itRente will gladly explain the advantages of the various alternatives in a personal meeting.

Grants also on "Vermögenswirksame Leistungen"

In case you receive “Vermögenswirksame Leistungen” from your employer you currently lose about 45% of your employer’s contribution (for example, € 26.59 or € 40) through taxes and social security contributions. Did you know that? The more interesting solution for you: use the “Vermögenswirksame Leistungen” for the itRente and allow it to receive up to 140% in grants.

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