Ethic, ecologic sustained investment

This prophecy of the Cree Indians became known during the 80th after the German green Party entered the German house of representatives. Since the world population has increased from 4,7 to 7,6 Billion. And as well the number of especially younger people has increased who feel that the subject of ethic and ecologic sustained investment of their capital Investment is important for them. May be you are one of them and the subject is of interst for you?

* Source DSW, Deutsche Stiftung Weltbevölkerung

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A survey in 2013 revealed that nearly one third of the questioned people had a general interest in capital investments which are not engaged in arms industry, children work, gambling, porn or tobacco industry, nuclear power, mass animal husbandry and gmo in agriculture. That is why, if your employer agrees, we can offer as part of the itRente, an appropriate capital investment which is based on ethic and ecologic sustained criteria.

** Source Verbraucherzentrale Bremen

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