An intelligent pension program for an intelligent industry

You perform demanding work. As a result you can certainly expect high standards for your corporate pension plan. The itRente is the voluntary supplementary pension for all employees in your industry that are subject to social security payments. This pension will enable you to compensate for the low and declining benefits of the state provided pension. 

  • High government grants 
  • + built-in employer grants 
  • And that is how it pays off 
  • Discount and Return

Your legal right

As per §1 of the corporate pension act the state has granted you the legal right to salary conversion within the corporate pension plan in regard to any employer in Germany, which will help you secure two very attractive grants with itRente:

High state subsidies

The constant low level of interest rates on the capital markets has led to unacceptable low returns for private provisions without grants. With the salary conversion included in the itRente you receive state subsidies of up to 100% on a self-defined monthly contribution.


+ Built-in employer grant

In times of increasing skill shortages, particularly in the IT sector, the valuation of qualified employees is high. Therefore, itRente is only available to those companies that are willing to provide their employees with an employer grant which is up to 40% of their own contribution. Together with the government grants, you can thus receive up to 140% on top of your contribution in grants.


Discount and return

Through the itRente you will be able to secure exceptionally high projected maturity for your corporate pension plan, as is otherwise the case only for large companies, due to the attractive special discounts agreed for the IT industry. 

In addition to the grants, you can earn a pre-tax return of between 5% and 8% (non-binding maturity). A model that adds up and is unrivalled by other forms of savings, e.g. depositing at banks or private retirement savings contracts or even the Riester pension conceived for low-income earners with several children.

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