Grants also for insurance against occupational disability (OD)

The number of cases of occupational disability as a result of illness has been on the rise in Germany, with mental disorders being among the leading causes. The itRente, due to its funding mechanism, can help you insure yourself against occupational disability for costs of up to 40% less than if you were to purchase it as a private individual.



The itRente does not only serve the accumulation of assets, but also secures you insurance against occupational disability through state and employer grants. 

Further advantages of this solution for you: 

  • Benefits starting at 50% disability
  • No abstract or concrete reference (for example, you do not have to sit in the parking garage if you can’t code anymore)
  • Pension payments from the first day of disability
  • No obligation to register a change to a riskier profession or sport
  • Demand-driven increase possible without renewed health examination
  • OD protection worldwide

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