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When you’re self-employed or a freelancer you have a lot of freedom in your work. But this freedom comes with a lot of responsibility, especially in terms of securing your and your family’s finances in later life. Because, during the period of your employment subject to social security payments, you and your employer were paid into the statutory pension insurance (GRV) every month. And that's only as much as:

Statutory pension

Being freelance or self-employed means you are taking the opportunity to say goodbye to social security. So far, so good. But for your retirement, this means: so far, so bad.


Why? Because the amounts above represent the gap in your savings if you plan to keep the standard of living you are accustomed to when you retire.

It’s not easy, and very few freelancers are able to raise these amounts from the state. However, itRente can help you achieve financial security in retirement via initially low, and then later higher, savings contributions. What form these take depends on your taxable income.

itRente Private pension

If you earn less than €30,000 per year, itRente’s Private pension will be an ideal option for you. There are no state subsidies – but at the beginning of the pension, you will only pay 18% of the return on your pension capital.

And if you opt for a one-time, lump-sum settlement, the favorable half-income method will come into play. This means half of the income gained from your asset accumulation is tax-free. Furthermore, the capital payment will only be valid when you retire, under a significantly lower tax rate.

Your advantages


  • Tax-exempt and withholding tax-exempt
  • Lump-sum or lifelong pension
  • If necessary lendable to banks and insurance companies
  • Flexible savings rates
  • Option of suspending of savings rates
  • IT pension base

IT-Rente Basic pension (Rürup)


Tax deduction

If you earn above €30,000 in taxable income per year, itRente’s Basis option, the so-called Rürup pension, could be of interest to you.

The basic pension is the only form of old-age provision through which self-employed people can build up an additional retirement pension, in the form of tax-deductible pension benefits. They agree on a guaranteed pension. Depending on your needs, you can include a disability insurance. Also possible as an immediately starting itRente basis against one-time payment.


Your advantages


  • Life-long pension
  • Flexible retirement options from the age of 62
  • High tax benefits
  • Highest possible flexibility regarding the amount of additional contributions
  • Fixed monthly contributions, or a one-time payment possible at the end of the year
  • Possibility of integrating occupational disability insurance
  • Hartz IV safe in the savings phase
  • Protection against personal bankruptcy during the asset accumulation phase
  • Tax deductibility

The savings contributions for itRente Basis can – together with any payments to the statutory pension insurance, to agricultural pensions or to occupational pension funds – be claimed as special expenses. Maximum amounts are €20,000 per year for individuals, and €40,000 per year for married couples together.

Your itRente savings contributions will be tax deductible over the following years:


2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
84% 86% 88% 90% 92% 94% 96% 98% 100% 100%
Taxation in old age

Anyone who receives a basic pension for the first time in 2025 will have to pay 85 percent of this tax. The difference up to 100 percent of the pension is the personal pension allowance, which is fixed and valid for a lifetime. For each new pension year from 2025, the rate of taxation increases by 1 percentage point per year, until by 2040, 100 percent has been reached.  

A tax will be applied only if the taxable income has exceeded the basic allowance.

 Which form of asset accumulation will be most advantageous for your situation as a self-employed person or freelancer? itRente’s consultants will be happy to show you in a personal consultation.


Cashback - Turbocharge your retirement assets

Using your itRente number you can gain cashbacks on online purchases at well-known retailers. In addition to this you can receive a free of charge Visa credit card. It’s a very attractive alternative to other point systems (such as Payback, milesandmore etc) because for every purchase you will receive a share of the purchase price as a cashback, credited to your personal retirement savings account. Cashbacks are only available within the itRente Private, not within the  itRente Basic. As the advanages of the itRente are applicable also to your family members they can as well generate cashbacks for your retirement savings account. 


itRente’s cashback on purchases can often reach up to 4% of the purchase and, in some cases, up to 10% (e.g. when booking holidays). Through various promotional offers from our partner retailers, the cashback can even be doubled. Most importantly, you pay the official online prices for your purchases and not special, higher prices that have been raised because of the cashback. What’s more, you can also receive a 0.5% cashback on every credit card transaction you make using the free itRente Visa credit card, which will also contribute towards your personal pension account, regardless of whether the transaction has been made online or not.


itRente’s retailer network of features more than 800 retailers across almost every industry. Shown above is just a small selection of retailers involved, as of March 2017. Only online purchases are cashback capable. Visa is accepted in around 35 million shops worldwide.


With our cashback calculator you can get an idea of what your online purchases at retirement could add to your pension. Enter your age and an estimate of your monthly online purchases. Take into account annual or one-off purchases such as laptops, mobile phones, holidays, etc. If your family members also use your online shopping sites, take that into account as well. If you travel professionally and have travel expenses, this could also increase your cashback. 

Your result

The calculated result shows you the amount that you could accumulate through online purchases on top of the pension of your corporate pension account. VAT has been excluded, because the cashback only applies to the purchase value. Not included are the cashbacks that you can additionally acquire by the use of your free Visa credit card, wherever you want. The result is an estimate based on the following assumptions:

– Average cashback on online purchases 4% – Annual inflation 2% (ECB target) – Annual increase in consumption between 18-35 years old: 2%, between 36-67 years old: 1% – Annual interest on your cashbacks (after costs) 4.5%

– Capital payment at the age of 67 (state retirement age).

Ethical ecologic sustainable investment


Investment survey – where is my money being invested?

A survey in 2013** revealed that nearly a third of people asked would never want their capital to be invested in the arms industry, child labour, gambling, pornography, the tobacco industry, nuclear power, factory farming or GMO in agriculture. That is why, if your employer agrees, itRente can offer appropriate capital investment options based on ethical, ecological and sustainable criteria.

** Source: Verbraucherzentrale Bremen

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