Your smart industry company pension scheme

The state pension system crisis which is leading to higher social security contributions with declining pension benefits affects employers and employees alike. This is why employees as well as freelancers feel fear of poverty in old age, in worst case limiting their job performance. 

Since company pension plans have been established in large companies for many years now, more and more small and medium-sized companies and start-ups are realizing the chances of using this instrument for employee-motivation, -retention and -acquisition. Freelancers, on the other hand, are looking for flexible pension solutions that will accommodate their time-varying savings options.


itRente was designed to be the intelligent company pension program  for the IT,- agency- and communications industry. Meeting all requirements companies and talents should expect today from contemporary and sophisticated pension management. But thats not all: itRente is as well the only company pension scheme - no matter which industry - which features an attractive industy discount and at the same time allows employees and freelancers to increase their pension supply services by cashback on consumption in nearly all retail areas.  

For companies

Legal certainty, qualified advice by consultants specialising in company pension plans, full transparency in the advisory process, no administrative effort and reliable, market-relevant pension partners.

The itRente certified consultants are ready to explain the interesting funding options of the pension solution to your employees in English.

For tech talents

Attractive industry discount, up to € 142 in grants per month, secure asset accumulation, high-yield investment concepts and interesting value-added models. 

For freelancer/self-employed

Attractive industry discounts, state subsidies within the framework of the Rürup pension, liquidity-oriented and strategically flexible pension solutions and an interesting, value-adding model. 


The discounts and industry-specific benefits, as well as the cashback model of the itRente, can also be used by the family members of employees and freelancers in the IT sector. 

The itRente is open to all companies in the IT-, agency- and -communications industry that are ready to provide their employees with an adequate employer grant. 

free of charge: 0800 666 555 9